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2017 Dubois County 4-H Fair Seeking Volunteers

Huntingburg (Local Sources) – Are you looking for simple, fun ways to help your community? Do you or your group need to complete some volunteer hours? Purdue Extension invites you to serve as a fair volunteer/helper at the 2017 Dubois County 4-H Fair. The 2017 Dubois County 4-H Fair is July 17-20!

4-H is one of the largest youth serving organizations in the state of Indiana and in the nation. The Indiana 4-H Youth Development mission is to provide real-life educational opportunities that develop young people who will have a positive impact in their communities and the world.

The Dubois County 4-H Fair is a large celebration of all the accomplishments that our members have accomplished throughout the year. This year is a special year because it is the 50th anniversary of the 4-H fair at it’s current location. This large celebration would not be possible without the help of many community members and volunteers. There are many types of helping roles at the 4-H Fair including judging assistant, arranging projects in buildings, project security, entering results, sorting scorecards, and more. Very little prior knowledge is needed in order to help out at the fair and experience with 4-H is not necessary. Some helping roles require a lot of movement and others do not. There are some that can be done in an air conditioned room and others that cannot.

Want to learn more about what helping opportunities are available at the 4-H Fair? Please CLICK HERE to learn more! 

You’ll be able to find a list of roles and what they require at that link. You can sign up directly for a job at the link as well. All volunteer opportunities will take place that Dubois County 4-H Fairgrounds located at 4157 South State Road 162, Huntingburg, IN 47542. We hope you will consider helping us at this year’s fair!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Purdue Extension office at (812) 482-1782.


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