WARNING: Scam Using Cover Of Jasper Utilities Reported

Jasper (NNDC) – Another scam, this one veiled under the guise of the City of Jasper Municipal Utilities, has surfaced locally.

City of Jasper Municipal Utilities says business customers have been receiving phone calls from someone saying a technician was enroute to their place of business to disconnect utilities due to non-payment unless prompt payment was made.

In a news release from CJMU, the caller has a foreign accent and is calling from an 800 number.

“Jasper Municipal Utilities does not make phone calls prior to disconnection of services and will never ask for payment information over the phone,” the utility office stated in a media release. “Notification of impending disconnection is made in writing only. All City of Jasper Municipal Utilities field technicians wear uniforms designating they are a city employee and carry a city employee identification card.”

Jasper officials are asking local residents to please be aware of this scam, and do not give any personal or financial information out over the phone ever.

If City of Jasper Utilities customers have any questions about their account, please call (812) 482-9131.

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