Woman Faces Disorderly Conduct; Other Charges After “Strange” Night



Jasper (NNDC) – A Loogootee woman is facing several criminal charges after police say she entered restricted areas of Memorial Hospital and later did damage to a holding cell at the Jasper Police Department.

Police arrested 45-year old Peggy Stoll of Loogootee.

JPD says officers were called to the hospital at about 6:30pm Monday for a woman staff there says was acting “strangely” and was entering restricted areas of the hospital.

JPD says Stoll refused to talk with officers after they arrived on scene and refused to identify herself.

JPD says hospital staff told officers Stoll also put on hospital ‘scrubs,’ entered hospital rooms and pressed buttons on equipment in the rooms.

JPD says Stoll’s actions were “scaring hospital staff.

Stoll was arrested and then taken to JPD headquarters where police say Stoll continued to resist officers which also resulted in damage being done to a metal grate in a holding cell.

Stoll has been charged with Criminal Conversion, Resisting Law Enforcement, Disorderly Conduct, Criminal Mischief and Refusal to Aid a Police Officer.

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