Portersville Man Killed In Farming Accident Thursday Evening

Portersville (NNDC) – A local man was killed Thursday night in a farming accident just southeast of Portersville.

Killed was 59-year-old Kent Meyer of Portersville.

The Dubois County Sheriff’s Department says Meyer is believed to have died from head force trauma when the tractor he was mowing a pond dam with overturned onto him.

Meyer was mowing on land the life-long farmer leased along West 700 North.

The tractor is believed to have slipped while Meyer was moving at about 10:40pm.  The accident was discovered by a relative.  He pronounced dead at the scene.

This is the second fatal farming accident in Dubois County this spring.

85-year old Jerome Knies of Celestine was killed while working in a field along Schnellville Road between Jasper and Schnellville on May 23rd.

Authorities says Knies was fatally injured when he fell from the tractor he was operating.

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