Restoration Of “Priceless Statements Of Faith” Now Underway (VIDEO)

Jasper (NNDC) – From afar, they look as beautiful as they did when they were put in place, more than a century ago.

Up close, however, you see the years are starting to take their toll.  So much so, a major renovation project at St. Joseph Catholic Church got underway this morning…


The first of the nearly 40 original stained glass windows of the chuch was removed Tuesday morning. The tallest… more than 20 feet.

They were originally put in place in 1898, 10 years after the church was built. The windows are being restored as part of an overall restoration project of the church begun three years ago. (KEVIN SLAGER ON CAMERA)

For the parishioners and priests of St. Joseph, these windows are much more than just pictures of Christ and of Saints… (FR. WILLIAM TRAYLOR ON CAMERA)

The windows were installed at a total cost of 6000 dollars 12o years ago… raised and donated by St. Joseph parishoners. Today, hey are considered priceless…(SLAGER ON CAMERA)

Restoring all the windows is expected to cost somewhere between a half-million and 900-thousand dollars and take at least a year to complete.


The windows were originally installed by St. Joseph parishioners who were also required by church’s pastor Fr. Fidelus Maute who oversaw the construction. Fr. Maute required each parishioner to donate at least one day’s labor to the building of the church which started in 1867 and took just over 20 years to build.

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