“Ride To Remember” Continues Mission To “Never Forget!” (with VIDEO)

Jasper (NNDC) – The 2017 “Ride To Remember” concluded its two-day journey through southern Indiana on Sunday.

Members of the Southwest Indiana Patriot Guard visited the gravesites of 17 fallen members of our military who served in the current wars overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The 17 are…



SPC William A. Jeffries, INARNG, 39 Evansville, IN
PFC Darren A. DeBlanc, USA, 20 Evansville, IN
SGT Jacen Beck, INARNG, 35, Evansville, IN
SGT Joseph Ford, INARNG, 23 Knox, IN
SPC Brandon S. Mullins, USA, 21 Owensboro, KY
SPC David W. Taylor, USA, 20 Dixon, KY
SGT Jimmy Shawn Lee, USMC, 26 Mt. Vernon, IN
CPL Willard M. Powell, USA, 21 Evansville, IN
SPC Jonathan R. Pfender, USA, 22 Evansville, IN
SGT Brock A. Babb, USMC, 40 Evansville, IN
LCPL James E. Brown, USMC, 20 Owensville, IN
LCPL Alec Terwiske, USMC 21 Dubois, IN
SPC Jared Arnn, USA, 21 Boonville, IN
CPL Eric R. Lueken, USMC, 23 Dubois, IN
SFC David Moore, INARNG, 42 Dubois, IN
Seaman Apprentice Shayna Ann Schnell, USN, 19 Tell City, IN
SFC Barry E. Jarvis, USA, 36, Tell City, IN

Rick Williams of the Patriot Guard says among the 17 are a 40-year old combat experienced Marine who re-enlisted in the hope that his experience could save lives. There is also a young man who was so determined to serve that he lost 70 pounds one summer so he could pass the physical. Then there is the soldier who stepped in front of his commanding officer to save that man’s life and as a result was nominated for the Medal of Honor. Among those names is a young Marine who wrote poetry and wanted to become a minister and a 19-year old sailor whose job it was to protect other sailors.

Williams says, “Seventeen names, seventeen stories, seventeen families… the least we owe them is to remember their names.”

Williams talked with our media partner, WEHT/WTVW prior to the ride this weekend… CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Below are NNDC’s video of coverage of the “Ride To Remember” dating back to 2013…

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