County To Do What It Can To Help Huntingburg Conservation Club Save Lake

dam spillway

The lake side of the dam spillway with temporary siphons to help relieve pressure against the dam. PHOTO: Huntingburg Conservation Club

Huntingburg (NNDC) – The Dubois County Commissioners say they will help the Huntingburg Conservation Club made needed repairs to the club’s lake dam and spillway that was heavily damaged by heavy rains and flooding that occurred the weekend of April 30th-May 2nd.

The help offered is to sponsor an application for the private club for a state grant through the Dubois County Community Foundation to pay for the repairs.

South 100 West currently carries traffic across the dam and spillway.   County officials have expressed a desire to reopen the road as it is the only one maintained by the county that is not open at this time.

County commissioner Chad Blessinger says county officials want to help the private club as much as it can…(CLICK HERE)

Early estimates to repair the dam and spillway are about $130,000, but could be much higher if damage below the dam and spillway are greater than currently anticipated.  The majority of the damage is on the downstream side (away from the lake) and underneath the roadway.  Some estimates put the needed repairs as high as $600,000.

Even if the club secures the grant, it will still need to come up with 25% of the repair costs.  The club is actively trying to raise money.

If the dam and spillway cannot be repaired a bridge could be built for South 100 West traffic.

If the club cannot secure the needed money for the dam and spillway, it could mean the club’s lake would no longer exist.



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