Fest Held To Showcase Technology; Safe Use Of Drones (VIDEO)

Santa Claus (WEHT/NNDC) –  Drones are becoming more and more popular as people figure new and innovative ways to use them.

On Saturday, a Huntingburg-based company held a first-ever ‘drone fest’ for the area to showcase the still burgeoning technology.

Sam Knef with our media partner, WEHT/WTVW was there…


“We don’t want people to be scared of drones, because whether most people like it or not, the drone industry has kind of taken off so to speak,” Aaron Begle said Saturday.

Begle started his aerial videography company Hele Productions in Hawaii. He came back to Indiana to show people how accessible drones can be.

“What i tell people a lot, is if you’ve ever played Xbox or PlayStation before, then you can fly a drone,” Begle said.

Begle started working together with the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial.

“What can we do to help the public understand drone laws?” He asked.

The answer: Santa Claus, Indiana’s first ever Drone Fest, a day dedicated to teaching people the latest drone laws, how to pilot a drone, and demonstrating the many benefits of an ever-evolving technology.

“So we’re utilizing this drone technology to really, essentially help people get the most precise maps that we can get for farmers, real estate, utility…” Caleb Williams of Aero Imagery said.

Some of the most talented pilots played a pivotal role in the days’ most intense events: the races. The break-neck dashes through a carefully crafted course, drew in plenty of spectators at Yellig Park.

“I love it when the community is exposed to it in a positive way. You see too many times, you know, one person doing something inappropriately with an aircraft, and there’s 99.9 percent the rest of us having fun, being safe, setting a good example for the community, and this is a perfect example of that,” drone pilot Andrew Wiebold said.

For racers, it’s not how they start, but how they finish. For the people piloting the drone industry, the finish line is far beyond the horizon.

“Businesses can so much more efficient if they start using drones,” Begle said.

“Within a year to two years, I think it’s gonna be exploding,” Williams said.


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