Congratulations; Apology To Lady Jeeps From NNDC

Dubois (NNDC) – Our scheduled live telecast Wednesday night from Dubois allowed us to watch a young Lady Jeeps ballclub play the kind of game they needed to play in preparation of the upcoming IHSAA sectionals.

Northeast Dubois played maybe their best game overall this season.

However, not many people got to see the team’s win last night; unless they were at Lady Jeeps Park.

That’s because our “live” uplink signal from Dubois last night prevented us (NNDC) to deliver a quality telecast; it was a signal with continuous interruptions.

Over the course of this, our first season of live telecasts of local high school sports, we have made great strides in our ability to deliver top quality live-transmission telecasts from remote locations.

After several ‘gaffs’ along the way, we now have the capability of televising live from almost from any location with a quality technical telecast you’d find anywhere in the country.  We’ve even televised live from many locations outside Dubois County including Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

The one thing we cannot control however is local cellular service and its no secret some areas of Dubois County do not have the best service in regards to signal strength.

Even though we use ‘boosters’ to enhance local cell service, sometimes we are just not able to boost cell service enough to televise live from a particular location.

Lady Jeeps Park is in a location that we are not just able to get to a cellular signal strong enough that our uplink can transmit.  Unfortunately, this is the only local sports venue we are experiencing this issue.  We have tried now during two Lady Jeeps games (both of them wins for the team).

I talked with NDHS coach Terwiske last night after the game and told him of what is happening and assured him that we will work quickly to rectify this ‘issue.’

One of the goals of our live telecasts is to promote good things here in Dubois County and we think local sports and the activities our young residents participate in meets that goal.

This is a good young ballclub and we promise our friends of Northeast Dubois High School and the Lady Jeeps we will continue to work to make sure they are featured in our local telecasts.

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