Principals Find Themselves In “Sticky” Situation

Jasper (NNDC) – The principal and vice principal of Jasper Middle School were duct-taped to a wall by students early this morning.

It was not a student revolt of any kind… it was quite the opposite!

JMS principal David Hubster and assistant principal Phil Tolbert agreed to let themselves be taped up to wall as a fundraising effort to help send two teams from JMS to the ‘Destination Imagination’ Global Finals in Knoxville, Tennessee the week of May 24th.

Hundreds of JMS students donated to the effort for a chance to place a length of the nine of rolls of duct tape used over one of the two men.

The Jasper Middle School teams are “Hat Trix” Megan Rydberg, Delaney Smith, Ava Harmon, Avery Bartley, Avery Knies, Reid Harmon & Quinn Gunderson as team members, and” Muggle Worthy,” with team members Casey Haggh, Casandra Merrimon, Harrison Hulsman, Sydney Schmitt, Isabelle Lorey, Logan Meservy and Alexis Christiansen.

The two JMS teams will be joined in Knoxville by other local teams from Holy Trinity Catholic School (2 teams), Forest Park Jr. High School, and Cedar Crest Immediate School.


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