Troopers Assisting With Congested Traffic On U. S. 231

ISPJasper (Local Sources) – Troopers with the Indiana State Police and Deputies with the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department have begun assisting with traffic flow during peak hours on US 231 between Jasper and Huntingburg.

Construction on a bridge along US 231 between Jasper and Huntingburg, just south of the Indiana 162 bypass, has required the highway to be restricted to one lane, utilizing a stop light to allow traffic to flow.  With the number of flooded county and local roads, the options for traveling between Jasper and Huntingburg have narrowed to primary highways, thus creating an extremely congested traffic pattern during rush hours.

Indiana State Police, along with the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department, will be positioning officers during peak hours both north and south of the construction area, as well as near the intersection of US 231 and State Road 162 south of Jasper, to assist with the flow and attempt to prevent the unnecessary backup of traffic.

State Police officials are asking that drivers PLEASE BE PATIENT if caught in a traffic backup.  Through both the use of the traffic light and the presence of law enforcement, motorists WILL get to their destination.  If leaving to go to work or a morning destination, please leave early in an attempt to avoid the additional traffic.

Motorists are also encouraged to utilize State Road 162, either from Ferdinand to Jasper, or Bretzville to Jasper, depending on where your trip begins.

The utilization of law enforcement at the construction zone will last as long as the county and local roads remain flooded.  Once flood waters have receded and rural traffic resumes, the traffic through the construction zone at US 231 will be solely governed by the stop light.

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