Overnight Flash Flooding: “We Were Lucky” (VIDEO)

Huntingburg (NNDC) – Severe weather overnight prompted just about every watch and some warnings locally… including flash flooding.

High water closed city streets in Huntingburg and two highways in Dubois County at times early Saturday morning…


Anywhere from four to eight inches (UPDATED) of rain fell overnight locally…

The heaviest in the Huntingburg area.

Several streets in town were covered by flash flooding… most of them in low-lying areas of town, but high water did cover east 6th Street near van buren.

At around midnight, rushing water caused this SUV to stall out just east of the railroad tracks… trapping the driver inside for close to an hour. The flood water covering the lower section of the vehicle’s door.

A boat was brought to the scene, but luckily the water rescinded enough that an officer could get to the vehicle by foot and escort the driver to safety.

Another example of when law enforcement says don’t drive on water covered roads… do it!!!!! (SGT. STUART WILSON ON CAMERA)

There were reports of several cars stalled in high water mainly in the south and eastern sections of the county. There were powerlines reported down on Jasper’s far northside. A fallen tree covered the highway near Kyana, luckily there were no reports of any injuries.

Weather spotters say a ‘tornadic storm cell’ was spotted near Ferdinand at about 11 Friday evening.  At about 4am, a truck was reported partially submerged in the area of Schnellville Road and Greener Road. The driver did get out of the truck on his own.

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