Kimball Office Celebrates Earth Day With Company-Wide Initiatives

Kimball Earth DayJasper (Local Sources) – Kimball Office is deeply committed to preserving a healthy, sustainable environment.

In recognition of Earth Day and Arbor Day and through our Trees of Tomorrow program, an evergreen seedling was given to each employee to plant that would further support the sustainable future of our environment. If an employee did not have a place to plant the seedling, Kimball Office donated the excess seedlings to local conservation clubs for planting in forests.

In addition, corporate office employees took time off during normal working hours to volunteer to help revitalize three local park communities for the upcoming summer season. Volunteers participated in activities that included planting of seedlings, spreading mulch, cleaning park landscape and picking up trash.

The Kimball Office sales teams throughout the country conducted similar activities unique to their areas to further support and promote environmental sustainability on Earth and Arbor Day. Some of these activities include: a further expansion of the Trees for Tomorrow program to the design community by presenting them with seedlings of a tree that could be planted, grow and thrive in their specific geographical area, planting of seedlings in and clean-up of local parks.


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