Teamwork Is Key In Any Emergency Situation (VIDEO)

Huntingburg (NNDC) – Local police and fire departments regularly train for situation emergencies, or ‘disasters.’  Huntingburg firefighters and first responders conduct these types of training exercises at least once a month.  Wednesday night, it was responding to a propane tank that had caught fire…

text of script

The key to controlling a situation like this is to douse as much water on the tank as possible while successfully shut off its propane fuel valve…(Don Heim on camera)

When heated liquid propane at the bottom of the tank begins to vaporize and those vapors expand putting an immense amount of pressure on the walls of the tank… (Don Heim on camera)

Heim says a blevy or tank explosion could send the tank or parts of it as far away as 500 yards which is how far that CVS store is from the Memorial Gym parking lot.

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