National Awards A Total Surprise For JHS Yearbook Editor (VIDEO)

Jasper (NNDC) – A local high school yearbook editor had two of her photos nominated for a national publication showcasing the work of high school and college yearbooks.

But the day she was supposed to hear if either photo was selected had come and gone… or so she thought until she got to school on Tuesday…

Text of video

(On camera… “One of only seven first-place awards from across the country goes to Miss Emily Huddleston [cheers].”)

That’s a representative of from Jostens; the class ring and yearbook publishing company awarding not one but two certificates to Jasper High School junior Emily Huddleston.

Emily entered not one, but two photos for the 2017 Josten’s Look Book a publication that that selects the best photos and other design work from
students all across the country.

Her two photos, this one called “How Low Can You Go” featuring a Wildcat cheerleader Hannah Welp at a pep rally earned Honorable Mention honors in the Look Book’s Student Life category but this one, Forever Young, of a JHS thespian behind the scenes earned first place in the book’s Portrait’s

Emily says the photo of actor Jack Greener was taken during last year’s school production of Mary Poppins….(Emily on camera talking about how no
one with the yearbook had ever gone backstage to shoot photos during a play)

Moments after receiving both certificates, Emily was overcome with emotion.  She was totally surprised by the awards that were given to her
in front of fellow photojournalism students…(Emily… I was supposed to get an email on my birthday if either of the photos was chosen… but she
didn’t get the email.

Friday was her birthday so she thought any chance of having a winning photo for the Look Book had come and gone.

Emily, the co-editor of the Jasper High School yearbook is the Emily is the daughter of Joseph and Tammy Huddleston.  She also won $500 in cash
from Josten’s for the photos.

Emily’s photos were chosen from 4,000 photographs submitted to Josten’s from across the country.  Only 85 total were chosen for the Look Book.

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