Investigation Into Pickup/House Collision Continues (VIDEO)

Ferdinand (NNDC) – A local man was seriously hurt early Tuesday morning when his pickup crashed into the side of house…


Yellow police tape surrounds the house as the investigation into exactly what happened early Tuesday morning continues. Also still visible, a gaping hole at the home’s foundation left behind when Shaun Gentry’s pickup crashed into it.

It appears the 36-year old Ferdinand man fell asleep as he drove through a curve at 18th and Main Streets… (CHIEF LLOYD FROMAN ON CAMERA).
The pickup traveled a little more than 100 yards between the time it left Main Street and collided into the north outside wall of the red house, severing a gas line which forced those inside sleeping to evacutate as a precaution.

The truck narrowly missed a fire hydrant…CHIEF FROMAN ON CAMERA SAYING IT COULDVE BEEN MUCH WORSE).

Gentry was lifeflighted to St. Mary’s Medical Center in Evansville after suffering what police describe as “substantial trauma.”

Froman says this is the third time in his 37 tears with the Ferdinand Police Department, the red house has been struck by a vehicle.

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