Deputy Says Everyone Was “At Right Place; At Right Time To Save Lineman’s Life” (AUDIO)

Dubois County deputies Clint Gogel (on left) and Jesus Monnerez

Dubois County deputies Clint Gogel (on left) and Jesus Monnerez. CLICK FOR LARGER VIEW Photo provided to NNDC

Ireland (NNDC) – Last Tuesday, Dubois County Deputy Jesus Monnerez was on his way to pick up a ‘come-along’ he needed for his off-duty part-time employer, Ireland Car Credit when he noticed a Vectren crew working on power lines at the intersection of West 250 North and North 600 West southwest of town.

Monnerez says he was curious that crews were still repairing lines that were damaged by a tornado and storms that passed through the Ireland are the night of February 28 and the early morning of March 1.

Monnerez says while he and another employee of the auto lot were getting ready to pass by the Vectren crew, saw the safety helmet fly off the head of a lineman who was in a bucket truck working on the power lines.

Monnerez immediately got out of his truck and called 9-1-1 as the lineman’s bucket was lowered to the ground.  The lineman was slumped over in the bucket.

Monnerez then began C-P-R on the man but his heart stopped beating; not just once, but twice.

Monnerez says he never stopped the C-P-R.

One of the Ireland first responders on the scene within two minutes of Monnerez’s call was Clint Gogel, who is also a Dubois County deputy and first responder with the Ireland Volunteer Fire Department. He was gardening at his home nearby, but jumped in his private car and got to the scene.

Monnerez says Gogel grabbed an automated external defibrillator (AED) off the Ireland Fire Department rescue truck and quickly hooked it up to the man and shocked him.

Monnerez says the man’s heartbeat resumed, but his breathing was still shallow so he continued the C-P-R.

Monnerez says a short time later, an ambulance from Memorial Hospital in Jasper arrived on scene. Monnerez says the ambulance’s crew then took over and got the man stabilized.

He was first transported to the local hospital before being life-flighted to a hospital in Louisville where at last report, he is in stable condition.

Monnerez says what could have been a disaster, ended up not being one. He thanks God for having everyone in the right place at the right time to save the man’s life…

Monnerez says in addition to being shocked by electricity; one of lineman’s hands was burned through its safety glove.

Two Ireland first responders/firefighters who arrived on scene at about the same time as Deputy Gogel were Gogel’s father Phil and Josh Wehr.

The two were on a lunch break while working on tornado damage done to the fire station’s roof which allowed them to arrive on scene so quickly with the defibrillator.

The lineman, who’s name is not being made public by Vectren at this time, is believed to be from Spencer County.

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