Jasper High School to host public presentation by Holocaust Survivor

kor620Jasper (Local Sources) – Holocaust survivor Eva Mozes Kor will speak to students, faculty and the general public at a free, open to the public, forum .

Kor (pictured), who is from Terre Haute, is a survivor of the Holocaust, forgiveness advocate, and public speaker.

In a news release from Jasper High School, Kor, powered by a never-give-up attitude, has emerged from a trauma-filled childhood as a brilliant example of the human spirit’s power to overcome. She is a community leader, champion of human rights, and tireless educator.

The forum will be held Wednesday April 12th at 1:00 PM in the Jasper High School Gymnasium.

Eva Mozes was born in 1934 in the tiny village of Portz, Romania. Through the first four years of Eva’s education, she and Miriam attended a one-room schoolhouse. Eva’s father, Alexander and mother, Jaffa had four girls: Edit, Aliz, and the twins Eva and Miriam. Though the Mozes family enjoyed a comfortable if rustic living as landowners and farmers, the family lived under the spectre of the Nazi takeover of Germany and the everyday experience of prejudice against the Jews.

In 1995, Auschwitz Germany Holocaust survivor Eva Kor opened CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Terre Haute Indiana with a mission to prevent prejudice and hatred through education about the Holocaust. CANDLES is an acronym for Children of Auschwitz Nazi Deadly Lab Experiments Survivors. The CANDLES organization was founded in 1984 by Eva Mozes Kor with help from her twin sister, Miriam Mozes Zieger, to launch an effort to locate other surviving Mengele twins. As a result of their efforts, Eva and Miriam were able to locate 122 individual Mengele twins living in ten countries and four continents. The search for more twins continues to this day.

In 2003, the museum was destroyed by a fire started by a hate-filled arsonist. After the fire, Eva responded with the following statement and immediately vowed to rebuild: “You may have destroyed some photos, but you didn’t destroy our story. You may have destroyed some exhibits, but you didn’t destroy our spirit. You may have destroyed a building, but you didn’t destroy our community. Light prevails over darkness, and love will always conquer hate.”

With the help of a generous outpouring of support, the museum was rebuilt and reopened in 2005. CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center is the only organization in the world dedicated to the memory of the twin victims and survivors of medical experimentation at Auschwitz. By working to prevent genocide on a global level and transform prejudice on a local level, we aim to create a world free from hatred and genocide. CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center continually shines a light on the story of the Holocaust and Eva Kor to illuminate the world with hope, healing, respect and responsibility. The museum draws increasing numbers of visitors every year, many coming from long distances.

Today, Holocaust education, the story of the Mengele Twins, and personal forgiveness form the foundation of CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center. Through an ever broadening vision, its visitors learn the importance of respect, equality, and peace.

Over twenty-five years later, Eva Mozes Kor remains an integral part of the CANDLES organization. Her lectures and guided tours are key elements of CANDLES’ educational mission. She has returned to Auschwitz on numerous occasions, often accompanied by friends and members of the community (particularly educators) so that they can share what they have learned with their students and future generations.

In 2007, Eva worked with state legislators Clyde Kersey and Tim Skinner to gain passage of an Indiana law requiring Holocaust education in secondary schools. In the summer of 2009, Eva taught a course at Indiana State University on the value and philosophy of overcoming adversity in life using the Holocaust as an example.

Since 1985, Eva has received 30 plus State, National and International awards for her efforts to educate the world on the lasting effects of the Holocaust and on the value of overcoming adversity in life.

Candles supporters and film makers Ted Green and Mike Brown are currently filming a documentary about Eva Mozes Kor, her story and her impact around the world. This documentary entitled “The story of Eva A-7063” is scheduled for release in January 2018.

Even more information can be found at the following address: https://candlesholocaustmuseum.org.

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