Traffic Stop Results In Arrest On Drug Charges; Jasper Woman Arrested For Theft

Traffic Stop Results In Arrest On Drug Charges



Jasper (NNDC) – An early Sunday morning traffic stop for speeding has resulted in the arrest of a 20-year old Huntingburg man.

Jasper police say a vehicle was stopped shortly after Midnight Sunday for speeding near the intersection of West 6th Street and St. John Street.  Police say the vehicle was traveling 20mph over the speed limit.

The Jasper Police Department K-9, Ares, was brought to the scene and according to police “indicated” possible illegal substances in the vehicle.

Police say alcohol, controlled substances and paraphernalia was found in the vehicle.  JPD says the items belonged to 20-year old Caleb Atanacio Dubon, Jr., one of three people in the vehicle.

The other two in the car were juveniles, including the driver who cited for speeding.  Both juveniles were released.

Dubon is charged with Possession of a Syringe and Possession of a Controlled Substance  (both Level 6 felonies), Possession of Alcohol, Marijuana and Paraphernalia (Class A misdemeanors).

Jasper Woman Arrested For Theft



Jasper (NNDC) –  Jasper police say 33-year old Tessa Zehr of Jasper has been arrested on a preliminary charge of theft for allegedly stealing $44 worth of items from a local business.

The Jasper Police Department arrested Zehr Thursday on a Dubois Superior Court theft warrant based on allegations of theft from a Jasper business.

JPD says Zehr was arrested Thursday on a warrant out of Dubois Superior Court.

Police say the misdemeanor charge could be enhanced to a Level 6 felony by the Dubois County Prosecutor’s Office due to the fact Zehr does have prior convictions for theft locally.

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