Scammers Targeting Area Non-Profit Groups (VIDEO)

(NNDC/WEHT) – Scammers now hitting a new low.

Thieves targeting the elderly are making headlines right now nationwide, but a new scam in the Tri-State is targeting those who just want to do good.

Ashlyn Irons with our media partner, WEHT/WTVW, has the story…


A phone call can be many things. The start of a great conversation between friends, or the beginning of a sick scheme.

Sick- the only word to describe the newest scam trend here in the Tri-State.

“Its terrible,” said Oana Schneider with the Tri-State Better Business Bureau.

Scammers are posing as the Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust.

Schneider said,”the way it works is someone will be calling you, saying they’re calling in the name of the trust and ask you for a donation.”

But the most disturbing part, the scammer’s reaction if you say no.

Beth Knapp, Executive Director of the Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust said,”that was probably the most concerning part, just the aggressiveness.”

Schneider said,”if you still say no they will start belittling you, making you feel worse, telling you you’re a heartless person, that you need to give for the cause and so on.”

Something Knapp says has caused problems for her organization since last Friday, when she first got reports of the scam calls.

“We received a phone call and an email concerning this situation and the caller was convinced that it was our organization calling her and she was pretty upset, Knapp said,”she reported she had received about 30 calls in the last four months.”

A problem she says she never saw coming for her organization.

Knapp said,”the initial reaction was obviously concern, because we don’t ever solicit donations, we are strict about fund-raising only through our breast cancer awareness license plate, and that’s our only fund-raising effort.”

A scam taking money out of the pockets of those on the other end of the line, and those who already have enough problems of their own.

Knapp said,”there are people who have had members of their family go through extensive cancer treatment and all they want is to donate to a cause that is real.”

If you have received calls from someone claiming to be with IBCAT, you are asked to call them at 1-866-724-2228. You are also asked to call and report it to Tri-State Better Business Bureau at (812) 473-0202.

The BBB says whenever a charity calls asking for a donation, to always make sure it is the actual charity and not one with a slight spelling or name variation.

The BBB also wants to remind you to never donate to organizations in cash, but to always write a check and make it payable to the organization itself, not a person.

They also remind you to always know where your money is going, no matter who or what you are donating to.

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