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Change Is A Constant Here At NNDC

Mick Birge

Mick Birge

From the desk of Executive Producer, Mick Birge:

In our world, the one thing that stays the same is “change!”

And I guess its safe to say, “Here we go again!”

Just six months after launching our capabilities of doing ‘LIVE” remote telecasts, we are going to launch our first ‘LIVE” in-studio program!

You would think the sequence of these events would be reversed, but in today’s ever-evolving new media technology, the remote telecasts were the
easier of the two to get on the air.

Our first “Live” in-studio show, “Snowman On Sports” will air today at 4PM… hosted by the newest member of our team, Brian Snow.

There is no question, we think the show will be a good one for our audience. It’s also a show that, technically, will be evolving over the
next several weeks!

We will launch the show today with a couple of things that still need to be put in place, such as a multi-phone call center for our studio (on
order). Today, we are using our current single-line phone system, but we know the multiple-line system needs to be in place ASAP (and it will).

And, a finished “set” (still in the design phase). We are actually still designing the studio from which this talk show (and others we have
planned) will originate.

We are doing so with plans to expand other “Live” in-studio features we want to bring to NNDC, so even though will be a good one to watch and enjoy, it will also be a ‘work in progress!’

We at NNDC are excited about what will be a fully integrated, “LIVE” studio.

The studio, and our own ‘live’ programming from it, is just another component in achieving our mission to be a the best multi-media new media
company anywhere!

As always, “Stay tuned!”

Mick Birge
Executive Producer
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