County-Wide Test Reveals Problem With Emergency Siren At Haysville (AUDIO)

Haysville (NNDC) – Tuesday’s county-wide severe weather siren tests discovered a problem with the recently installed new siren at Haysville.

Dubois County Emergency Management Agency director Tammy Humbert says the Haysville siren did not go off during the test. She says she doesn’t think the siren itself is the problem…

A new siren was installed in Haysville this past September after similar performance problems surfaced in February of 2016.

The county’s sirens were tested Tuesday as part of a statewide exercise during Severe Weather Preparedness Week.

Humbert says steps have already been taken to get the siren working properly.

Humbert and Haysville Volunteer Fire Chief John Fuhrman are encouraging all residents of Haysville to be aware of the problem and to also make sure personal emergency alert weather radios have fresh batteries.

Humbert says these programmable radios issue alerts like severe weather watches and warnings for specific counties.

Fuhrman and Humbert additionally encouraged all Dubois County citizens to follow the same course of action because the sirens in the county “are put in place as a backup to notify residents of threatening weather that is approaching.”

Also Tuesday, there were initial reports that the emergency siren in Ireland did not go off during test. Humbert says there is nothing wrong with the Ireland siren.

She says at about the same time, Madison Township First Responders were called out to two emergency runs, so the siren not going off during test is believed to be only a glitch as subsequent tests of the siren done Tuesday were successful.

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