Coming Together Has Ireland Well On Way To ‘Back To Normal’ (VIDEO)

UPDATE: The two remaining debris removal locations in the Ireland area will close on March 15th.

  • Mike Dick Residence, 7251 West 200 North
  • Scott Vollmer Farm, 8483 West 150 North

The sites, and one other which has since closed, were made available as temporary locations for residents affected by the March 1st Tornado.


Ireland (WEHT/NNDC) – Ireland may be setting a new standard on how to recover and cleanup from a tornado.

Ashlyn Irons with our media partner, WEHT/WTVW, has the story…


Broken limbs and bare roofs are the remnants of last week’s E-F2 tornado, impacting communities like Jasper and Ireland. The storms left many residents still picking up pieces.

“It takes time you get hit by a storm, Dubois County was very fortunate,” said Emergency Management Director Tammy Humbert, “but it was a EF2 tornado that touched down here sustaining winds up to 135 mph.”

Three debris removal sites, one in the town of Ireland, one off C.R. 150 North and another on C.R. 200 North, aim to help those in Jasper and Ireland finish picking up those pieces. The debris sites are taking everything from shingles, to wood, to metal… Even if those pieces are someone else’s.

“Unloaded some trash that my sister and law had and a friend of ours trying to get rid of some of it for them,” said Ruck Riegel of Ireland, “help cut out a couple of big trees that was after the storm went through.”

Dubois county emergency management agency says this trend emerged after last week’s storm.

Humbert said, “The community came in on Thursday before we even had the sites put up and basically cleaned up a lot of that.” The EMA director continued, “Even strangers are helping out. They’re making sure everyone is taken care of.”

Riegel said, “I’ve gotten to know just about everybody down here and it’s hard not to pitch in if you can. There’s something I can’t do any more but I try.”

The first debris drop off site, at the corner of Grant and Walnut in Ireland, is set to close, due to a lack of need in Dubois County. The debris sites are open from 7 A.M. To 7 P.M. Every day. The other two sites will remain open until further notice.

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