Colts Cheerleader Mallory Humbert; Autographs and Photos at JV Boys Basketball Game Tonight

MalloryColtsCheerJasper (NNDC) – Mallory Humbert, Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader and Jasper native, says to the local community, “LET’S GET A PICTURE!!”

Mallory will be at the Jasper High School JV Boys Basketball game TONIGHT. The JV game starts at 6:00pm.

She will be signing autographs and taking pictures up until the Varsity game. Don’t miss your chance to come show her your support!

Along with being a Colts Cheerleader, Mallory is the Director of Marketing at NewsNow Dubois County. She was also the 2013 Miss Strassenfest Queen. In high school, Mallory was on the JHS Cheerleading Team and the JHS Dance Team, winning both State and National Championships.

Mallory took her talents to the next level by becoming a professional athlete in the elite world of the NFL.

As a community, we are very proud of Mallory’s accomplishments and her passion to follow her dreams.

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