Wow! Its Been 4 Years Already? – NNDC Celebrates 4th Anniversary (PHOTO GALLERY)


From Mick Birge / Executive Producer

“Wow!” It’s been four years this week since we launched NewsNow Dubois County!

I’m proud to say that through all the technical gaffes, personnel changes, and the constant evolution of today’s online and television media, we survived! We’ve come a long way since the idea of NNDC was conceived on a trip to Kansas City in September of 2012.

And not only did we survive the “trip” we’ve been on, but I’m happy to say we are poised for a very bright future for our company!

Even though I’m a long-time veteran of media in all its forms (Radio, TV and print), and the fact I’m the son of a broadcaster, even I was not prepared for what it was going to take to develop the idea.

But, here we are! We have a true multi-media “Webchannel” as we call it. And, since October, a cable TV channel (Spectrum 183) as well!

I wish I could tell you all we had to do was flip a couple switches and it all worked as we had hoped, but it has been more than that, consisting of both trials and successes!

Integrating the online “new media” with broadcast “traditional media” has been more challenging than first expected. I will admit that after some health issues a little more than a year ago, I was being encouraged by both family and friends to consider walking away from this.

I’m glad I did not! I’m proud to say both our online and TV platforms are now functioning at full strength, and we are now seeing the payoff of all the hard work; and not just mine!

Without the addition of new General Manager Ron Spaulding and Mallory Humbert, our Director or Marketing, to our full-time staff in recent months, and the work of former NNDC GM Lisa Wallace when we launched, the idea of a multi-media “new media” company would have not been possible!

They, as well as those who have been and/or are part of our team on a part-time basis, have all had a vital role in making NNDC and NNDC-TV possible!  They include Tom “Chick” Alles and my dad, Jerry Birge.  Though we have some family members who have been part of NNDC from the beginning; we are much more than a “family affair!”

Be on the lookout for more and better content and reporting on both the Webchannel and the Cable channel, including more LIVE telecasts on both. I can tell you now we are going to have a very busy spring and summer!

A dear friend of mine asked me not all that long ago, “Do you still enjoy it?” He asked me that right at the same time I was getting pressured to walk away!  I can honestly say, “Yes I still enjoy it; now more than ever!

I can also honestly say our best years are still ahead of us!

Now, more than ever, “Stay tuned!”


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