SVB&T Corporation Reports Full Year 2016 Earnings

Jasper (Local Sources) – SVB&T Corporation, parent company of Springs Valley Bank & Trust Company, today announced annual unaudited earnings of $3.0 Million ($5.31 earnings per share), a 16.03% increase over 2015. This compares favorably in total dollars to $2.6 Million in 2015, $2.5 Million in 2014, $2.4 Million in 2013, and $2.3 Million in 2012. This 2016 performance translates to a Return on Average Assets (ROAA) of 0.89%, with the last five years constituting record year over year net income performance and an annual compound ROAA of 0.94%.

SVB&T Corporation paid a dividend for the year ending 2016 of $0.75 per share, representing a 1.50% return based upon the 2015 year-end market value appraisal (MVA) of $50.00. The Corporation contracted an independent third party for a year-end stock valuation report and the results were an impressive 40% one-year increase, from $50.00 per share MVA at year-end 2015 to $70.00 per share MVA at year-end 2016 or 114.16% of book value (a substantial increase from last year’s 86.57% of book value).  Adding the stock value increase with the dividend equates to a 2016 total Return on Investment (ROI) of 41.50%.

Book value has risen from $41.90 per share in 2011 to $61.32 per share in 2016. Earnings per share have experienced a 95% increase from $2.72 in 2011 to $5.31 in 2016.

Total assets increased $32 Million to $353 Million at December 31, 2016 compared to December 31, 2015 assets of $321 Million. Total deposits increased $44 Million to $284 Million at December 31, 2016, from $240 Million at December 31, 2015.

The trends are indisputable: as earnings and performance have increased year over year, so too have the stock MVA and book value. “The Directors, officers and employees of Springs Valley Bank & Trust Company remain committed to sustained financial performance, ever-increasing core franchise value, and as a consequence of these two key elements, a more robust demand for SVB&T Corporation shares,” stated Jamie Shinabarger, President & CEO.

Information conveyed in this press release regarding SVB&T Corporation and its subsidiaries’ anticipated future performance is forward-looking and therefore involves risks and uncertainties that could cause the results or developments to differ significantly from those indicated in these statements. These risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, risks and uncertainties inherent in general and local banking as well as mortgage conditions, competitive factors specific to markets in which the company and its subsidiaries operate, future interest rate levels, changes in local real estate markets, legislative and regulatory decisions or capital market conditions and other factors.

SVB&T Corporation through its subsidiary Springs Valley Bank & Trust Company offers full-service bank and trust services.  The Bank has locations in Dubois and Orange Counties. The Bank has products and services for all types of families and businesses. Springs Valley offers a variety of checking and savings accounts, certificates of deposit, electronic services, online mortgage applications, and a variety of other loan options. In addition, the company has a full-service trust department managed by experienced, talented professionals specializing in estate planning, tax planning and wealth management. Investment Services are also offered by a licensed, professional Springs Valley Representative.  Springs Valley Bank & Trust’s online address is, and phone number is 800.843.4947.

Springs Valley Bank is a member of FDIC and is an Equal Housing Lender.

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