Two Face OWI Charges After Truck Ends Up Stuck In The Mud

Ferdinand (NNDC) – Two people now face OWI charges after the pickup truck they were in ended up stuck in a field west of Ferdinand Tuesday night.

Arrested were 59-year old Kitty Bieker of Ferdinand and 52-year old Jay King of Huntingburg.

The Dubois County Sheriff’s Department says deputies were called to an accident shortly before 10:00pm along East 1100 South about a mile west of Ferdinand.

DCSD says deputies found both Bieker and King walking around the pickup which was off the southside of the road and in a muddy field.

Bieker told deputies she was driving the truck westbound when a deer ran out in front of the truck.

She says when she swerved to miss the deer she lost control of the truck causing it to go off the road down and down an embankment before it ended up in the field.

Bieker says tried to drive out of the field but the truck was stuck in the mud.  Meanwhile, King told deputies he also attempted to drive the truck out of the field, but was unsuccessful.  DCSD says a witness corroborated King’s attempt.

DCSD says both Bieker and King were under the influence of alcohol at the time.  Bieker’s blood alcohol content tested .26%; King tested .21%.

Both were taken into custody.

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