Huntingburg Mayoral & City Council Board and Commission Appointments

The Huntingburg City Council met for the first time in 2017 and the governing board gave formal approval for board and commission appointment on behalf of the city. (*) are reappointments.

They are Mayoral appointments from Mayor Denny Spinner..
Abby Fink – Huntingburg Park Board (4-year appointment)
William King – Dubois County Airport Authority (4-year appointment)
Jim Heidorn*, Nick Stevens* and Jenna Gogel* – Redevelopment Commission (1-year
Tim Wehr – Indiana 15 Regional Planning Commission (1-year appointment)
Susan Kruger* and Phil Ahrens* – Tree Committee (2-year appointment)
Ralph Begle*, John Mundy*, Steve Ripsta*, Ken Schnaus*, Cathy Young* – Revolving Loan Fund Review Committee (1-year appointment)
Jacque Hochmeister*, Neil Elkins* – Huntingburg Housing Authority (4-year appointment)
Charlotte Schneider* – Dubois County Museum Board (4-year appointment)

Common Council appointments include…
David Schipp* – Board of Zoning Appeals (4-year appointment)
Eric Olinger * – Economic Development Commission (2-year appointment)
Eugene Peters*, Joe Bartelt* – Redevelopment Commission (1-year appointment)
Heather Tretter* – Tree Committee

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