“I Got My Call From Mark Zuckerberg!”

mickGood morning and Merry Christmas!

This is to inform you that we, NewsNow Dubois County, will be very limited in what and how we can post materials from now until early Monday morning.

As you may or may not have seen over the last week, NNDC has actually been broadcasting “LIVE” our new NNDC-TV directly onto Facebook LIVE.

From what we are told by many of our colleagues both with our new TV channel and our streaming service, they don’t know of anyone doing what we are doing (and this includes any TV station in the country).

To this, Facebook is wanting to review our use of certain “intellectual properties” for any violations. This is basically a moratorium, AKA a temporary suspension of our being able to post pictures, videos, streaming video; even direct “hotlinks.”

Facebook even sent us its written policy for IP use. We are not in any violations and according to Facebook this moratorium is just “temporary!”

But being the fact today is Christmas, FB’s review will not be completed until sometime Monday morning. We are told it could be as early just after Midnight Monday (even Facebook folk are off to enjoy the holiday).

Unfortunately, the moratorium began at just after Midnight, which did cause an interruption of our live telecast of Midnight Mass about 4 minutes into it!

We were able to continue our telecast a short time later on both our NNDC webchannel and on Cable TV 183. But, our recording of it and our ability to replay it during the day today and tomorrow (as we had planned) is not possible.

I told my staff Friday before they all left that don’t be surprised if I get a call from “Mark Zuckerberg” about our ability to televise to Facebook LIVE and asking about what it is we are doing to make it happen! I notified NNDC’s GM Ron Spaulding earlier this morning that we “got our call from Zuckerberg!” 😀

I don’t think we’ll have to make ANY changes to what we are doing; this just so Facebook can confirm that what it is we are actually doing is a “neat thing” and we will move forward and resume our video and multi-media post services (including our BIRTHDAYS/TODAY IN HISTORY shortly.

In closing, one of our support folks here in Dubois County told me during the time we were launching NNDC-TV 183 (Time-Warner) that we are actually ‘reinventiung the wheel!” After he said this, I like to think that we are!

From all of us at NNDC and NNDC-TV, Merry Christmas!

And, as always, “STAY TUNED!”

Mick Birge
Executive Producer / President
Star Valley Productions, Inc. (NewsNow Dubois County)

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