Jasper Mayor Announces 2017 Board And Commission Appointments

jasper-logoJASPER (LOCAL SOURCES) – The residents of Jasper are served by citizens who give their time and talent on various City boards and commission. I wish to thank those who are retiring from boards this month, to thank those who continue to serve and to issue my appointments to new terms effective January 1, 2017.

All terms are for four years unless otherwise indicated (Political affiliation is indicated where required by state statute).

 Advisory Board of Zoning Appeals

  • Josh Gunselman (re-appointment)
  • Anthony Seng (new appointment)

Dubois County Tourism Commission (2 year term)

  • Mary Klem (re-appointment)

Hospital Authority of the City of Jasper

  • Nanette Parsons (new appointment)

Park & Rec

  • Kristen Ruhe (R) (new appointment)

Plan Commission

  • Paul Lorey (R) (re-appointment)
  • Marty Vaught (R) (New appointee fulfilling the term of Meredith Voegerl, expiring December 31, 2017. Mrs. Voegerl is moving from the jurisdictional area of Jasper.


  • Darla Blazey (re-appointment)
  • Selena Vonderheide (re-appointment)

Alcoholic Beverage Commission (1 year term)

  • Barb Leinenbach (re-appointment)

Utility Sub-committees (1 year term)

  • Dave Hurst – Gas (re-appointment)
  • Earl Schmitt – Electric (re-appointment)
  • Greg Schnarr – Wastewater (re-appointment)
  • Kevin Manley – Water (re-appointment)

Partnership (3 year term)

  • Steffi Schmücker (re-appointment)
  • Lisa Kieffner (re-appointment)
  • Sean Jochum
    • Filling vacant term which expires 12-31-18

RDC (1 year term)

  • Rick Stradtner
  • Andy Seger
  • John Kahle


  • Terry Tanner (D) (new appointment)

Utility Service Board

  • Rick Stradtner (R)
    • Re-appointment with change in party affiliation
  • Keith Masterson (R) (re-appointment)

*Seitz also has two appointments that remain pending; they are for the Plan Commission and the Indiana 15 Regional Planning Commission.  The Plan Commision post will be a Demcratic (D) mayoral appointment to replace retiring member, Jim Schroeder.  The mayor says this appointment will be temporarily left vacant.

Meanwhile, the Indiana 15 Regional Planning Commission appointment.  This appointment, by law, must be member of the Jasper City Council.

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