New Endowment To Benefit Town Of Haysville

Jasper (Local Sources) – A new endowment has been established with the Dubois County Community Foundation to benefit the town of Haysville.

Haysville Community Endowment was created from the proceeds of this year’s bicentennial celebration that was celebrated this summer.

“One of the first decisions of the Bicentennial Committee was to determine how the proceeds from the celebration would be used,” said Bryant Kieffner, committee treasurer. “The establishment of an endowment to benefit Haysville was a priority,” he said.

The fund will support charitable projects within and for the benefit of Haysville.

“The endowment gives people who care about Haysville the opportunity to support projects by giving now, and for the future by considering the community endowment in their estate planning,” Kieffner said.

To learn more about the newly established Haysville Community Endowment or to make a contribution, visit or call the Foundation at 812-482-5295.


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