Two Land In Jail After Fight At Walmart





Jasper (NNDC) – Two men, including one from Jasper were arrested for disorderly conduct after they got into a fight with each other at a local retail store.

Jasper police say 34-year old Nathan Phillips of Jasper and 29-year old Donald DeMotte were arrested at about 8:45PM after the alleged confrontation at the Jasper WalMart store.

An off-duty Dubois County Sheriff’s deputy, Jesus Monerrez was in the store when he heard a verbal altercation break out between Phillips and DeMotte.

JPD says both men were yelling at each other, and with Monnerez now present, Phillips pushed a shopping cart striking Demotte’s father who was with him.

JPD says it was then DeMotte struck Phillips in the side of the head with a closed fist.  DeMotte says it was an attempt to defend his father.

At that moment, JPD says Monnerez subdued DeMotte at the same time he ordered Phillips to sit on the store’s floor making sure both men were separated until Jasper police officers arrived on scene.

Police did not release the reason for the altercation.

Both DeMotte and Phillips are charged with disorderly conduct.

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