Burn Ban In Dubois County Has Been Lifted

Jasper (NNDC) – Dubois County officials have announced Monday morning that the “burn ban” that’s been in place the last couple of weeks has been lifted.

This (Monday) morning, the Dubois County Commissioners and the Dubois County Fire Chiefs have agreed to lift the Burn Ban effective today November 28, 2016.  Here is a reminder of what of you may and may not burn

Clean wood Products such as trees and bushes NO WASTE ITEMS SUCH AS: plastic, cans, bottles, wire, tires, scrap food waste
  Processed lumber
  Treated Lumber

The only thing that is legal to burn in the State of Indiana is Clean Wood Products; all other waste should be recycled when possible.

Recreational or ceremonial fires are allowed such as campfires, charcoal or propane barbecue grills.  Never use gasoline to start your fires and use dry clean wood for your campfires.



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