A Unique New Way To Cut Down An Old Tree (VIDEO)

Jasper (NNDC) – JHS graduate Jason Emmons shows us his latest work of “art!”…


Jason Emmons and his son Ethan are putting the final touches on a new wood carving… a pair of eyeglasses in front of the Eye Clinic on Sixth Street near the “Y.”

The wood is what remains of a more than 75-year old 50-foot oak tree that was slowly dying…(JASON ON CAMERA.. WE’RE GIVING THIS TREE NEW LIFE)

The design was a collaboration between Emmons and Dr. Tim Troutman…(JASON ON CAMERA… we went back and forth but the Ray-Ban frames is my idea… I think they look cool!
The 1991 Jasper High School graduate says his French Lick-based bear hollow wood carvers business sculpts about 80 gallery, commission and tree carvings like this one a year.

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