German American Pledges $500,000 To Jasper LEADS

Jasper (Local Sources) German American has pledged a contribution of $500,000 to Jasper LEADS to be paid over a three year period. These dollars will help fund the new Jasper Public Library.

“German American Bank was organized in Jasper in 1910 with two employees and one office. We have grown to employ over 600 financial professionals in 51 offices throughout southern Indiana, yet our headquarters remain in Jasper. In fact, the German-American heritage values of being hard working, disciplined, independent and locally committed continue to be the core values of our company’s community banking model today,” states Mark Schroeder, Chairman and CEO. “We believe that the revitalization projects in Jasper, and in communities throughout German American’s geographical footprint, will have a positive impact on the future of those communities and our company.”

“German American believes that when a community thrives, its people prosper. Now that the citizens, through their recent vote in favor of the project, have endorsed building a new library, German American is pleased to offer our support of the Jasper Public Library project. This pledge will help lower the financial impact for all of our residents because of the fundraising efforts of Jasper LEADS. It is a reflection of gratitude from German American for all those past and present in our community who have helped forge the spirit of innovation and success.” added Neil Dauby, German American Regional President.

Dean Vonderheide, Board President of the Jasper Public Library, added, “The hard work and commitment of individuals and businesses, like German American, who helped take the Library and the Cultural Center project from a vision to reality, is a testament to the community of Jasper. On behalf of Jasper LEADS and the Jasper Public Library board and staff, thank you to German American for your generosity and support of this catalyst project for our community.”

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