Republicans Win Big Locally; Both Referendums Pass Overwhelmingly!

Jasper (NNDC) – Big winners tonight… Dubois County Republicans… and those on the ‘YES’ side of the two referendums on the Dubois County ballot. Big losers tonight… Dubois County Democrats… incumbents.

By overwhelming margins both referendums on the 2016 ballot in Dubois County passed.  One was for a needed property tax increase for the Northeast Dubois School Corporation; the other for money needed for the Jasper public library half of the proposed Jasper Cultural Center.

Voters tonight also voted out all three incumbents on the Dubois County Council including long-time Council president Greg Kendall.  All three incumbents, including Barbara Matheis and Martha Wehr, are democrats.  The three new county council members are all Republican.  They are Doug Uebelhor, Mike Kluesner and Sonya Haas.

Not one Democrat won a contested race Tuesday, including the closely contested Dubois County Treasurer’s race between Kitty Merkley and Sheryl Sendelweck.  Merkley defeated Sendelweck by 1%.

Here are the final vote totals for the local contested races Tuesday.

Jasper Library Referendum: YES – 4,778 NO – 3,242

Northeast Dubois School Corporation Referendum: YES – 1,865 NO – 800

Dubois County Commissioner – District 1:  (R) Chad Blessinger – 12,596 (D) Gary Eck – 7,058

Dubois County Commissioner – District 3:  (R) Nick Hostetter – 11,189 (D)* Randy Fleck – 8,039

Dubois County Council At-Large (elect 3):  (R) Doug Uebelhor – 8,927 (R) Mike Kluesner – 8,922 (R) Sonya Haas – 8,181   (D)* Greg Kendall – 8,116   (D)* Martha Wehr – 7,645  (D)* Barbara Matheis – 4,722

Dubois County Treasurer:   (R) Cathy “Kitty” Merkley – 9,882   (D) Sheryl Sendelweck – 9,658

Jasper School Board District 4:   Tim Demotte – 4,438    Mark Kunkel – 3,799

Southwest Dubois School Board:   Jennifer Thacker – 2,088    *Mike Broeker – 1,296


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