Jasper Approves 2017 Budget (VIDEO)

Jasper (NNDC) – The Jasper City Council Wednesday approved the city’s budget for 2017…


The Jasper City Council Wednesday night approved a new 17.7 million dollar budget for the city for 2017. 

There are no major expenditures planned next year. The proposed Jasper Cultural Center will be funded by a property tax levy increase if approved by voters served by the Jasper Public Library, and a bond issue that must still be approved by the city council.
The city’s budget is funded by property and local income taxes. Mayor Terry Seitz says property taxes are capped so his goal for the city is to bring more people to Jasper to work and fill jobs that are open locally…

The the 2017 budget was the first for first term councilmembers Dean Vonderheide, Nancy Eckerle, John Bell and David Hurst.

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