NNDC Back Online

Mick Birge NNDC Executive Producer

Mick Birge
NNDC Executive Producer

From the desk of Michael A. “Mick” Birge:

After about a 24-hour period, I’m happy to report, our main webchannel, www.newsnowdc.com, is back online.

Our webchannel was shut down by our hosting company for what it called a “security breach!”  HostGator informed us “phishing” malware had infected our dedicated server with the company which is based in Houston, TX.

After two days of NNDC being on again/off again, and a lot of hard work by a lot of people, our webchannel is back online!

I do want to publically thank our (NNDC’s) IT team including our “security” service.  They were the ones that ended up finding the problem and formulated the fix.  I am told it may not have been actual Malware.

HostGator, our hosting company and owner of our dedicated server, just acknowledged to me by phone, the work of our team.  To which, our team also discovered some weaknesses (for lack of a better term) with our server that we required HostGator to fix.  This is what took much of this afternoon to rectify.

We required this as we did not want anything happening that could cause a repeat of the last couple of days.

We are going to spend the next several hours today updating our webchannel with local news and sports.  And then resume normalcy on Wednesday (I hope).

We have also taken this time to continue to address our remote broadcast “uplink” issues, though improving the last couple of weeks, still need to be improved as we head into the IHSAA tournaments.  We are scheduled to televise and LIVESTREAM Friday night’s 3A Sectional opener between Southridge and Heritage Hills from Lincoln City.

I will followup with another correspondence or two yet this week as we make sure the issues of the last couple of days have indeed been resolved.

Thank you and, as always, stay tuned.




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