UPDATED: Dog Shot & Killed After Biting Holland Couple Outside Their Home

The dog fight took place just outside the white modular home just south of Holland.

The dog fight took place just outside the white modular home just south of Holland.

Holland (NNDC) – A pit bull mixed breed involved in a dog fight Tuesday morning was shot and killed after it attacked a Holland couple.

Holland Assistant Fire Chief and First Responder John Hemmer says the dogs were fighting outside a home along Indiana 161 just south of West 1025 South.

The husband tells NewsNow Dubois County his wife was standing outside the family home with a 12-week old puppy who was in the yard.

It was at this time, the family’s second dog, a larger pit mix (not a full pit bull as previously reported), began attacking the puppy.

The husband says as his wife tried to pick the puppy up and take him back inside the house, the larger dog attacked the wife biting her on an arm and not letting go.

Then, the husband says he was able to get the larger dog to release it’s bite on his wife’s arm before he went inside the house to get a gun.

The husband says the larger dog gave chase and began attacking him just outside the house; biting the husband on the left hand.

The husband says he was able to get free and go inside the house.  He returned to the yard a short time later where he says he shot the pit mix saying, “before it could attack again!”

Both the husband and wife were transported to Memorial Hospital for treatment of their wounds.

“Our pup is fine,” says the husband.  “She had a couple of puncture wounds on her head.”

The pup was taken to a veterinarian where she spent Tuesday night.  The couple plans to get her back home sometime Wednesday (today).

The pit mix will be evaluated for rabies.

EDITOR’S NOTE: NNDC is not publishing the couple’s names, ages, and address as the incident occurred on private property and was not criminal in nature.

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