Man Apprehended Inside Monestary’s Entrance Hallway

Ferdinand (NNDC) – A Ferdinand man was arrested Sunday evening inside the Monastery of Immaculate Conception.



When Ferdinand police arrived on scene they found 24-year old Kristofer Rosario-Hoover had gained entry into the monastery’s interior hallway. Police say he was trying to enter the building’s front reception area.

FPD says officers confronted Rosario-Hoover, they smelled a strong odor of alcoholic beverages.

FPD says Rosario-Hoover initially resisted officers as they tried to take him into custody.  He was quickly subdued when an officer deployed pepper spray to end the resistance.

FPD says Rosario-Hoover’s blood alcohol content tested at .249%.

He has been charged with a Level 4 felony count of burglary as well as misdemeanor counts of public intoxication, intimidation, disorderly conduct and criminal trespass.

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