No Plea Agreement; New Trial Date Set For Kyle Poppelwell (VIDEO)

With no plea agreement on the table, Dubois Circuit Court Judge Nathan Verkamp set a trial date of June 12th in the case of Kyle Poppelwell…


The 25-year old Poppelwell is charged with the January 10th murder of a St. Henry man and the rape of a woman who was staying at the man’s home.

Both sides in the case have been trying to work out a plea agreement in the case. Poppelwell could get the death penalty if convicted by jury.

Poppelwells attorney Steve Ripstra asked for the original November 14th trial date to be pushed back. Verkamp granted the new date but told Ripstra and Dubois County Prosecutor Anthony Quinn he will not grant anymore continuances on the trial date.

Quinn is expected to file a sentence enhancment motion soon that will tell the court whether he plans to seek the death penalty or ask for a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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