Tonight’s Southridge At Gibson Southern Game Stream “Only” On NNDC

Jasper (NNDC) – Tonight, NNDC will livestream the Southridge / Gibson Southern high school football game between Southridge and Gibson Southern from Ft. Branch.  The game will be available ONLY on NNDC’s webchannel ( ).  Kickoff is at 7:30PM Dubois County time.

“Our media partner WTVW has the televised broadcast rights for the game,” says Mick Birge, NNDC Executive Producer.

“WTVW does not “livestream” its telecasts of high school football.  We were given the opportunity to join forces for what should be an outstanding football game between these two undefeated teams,” Birge continued.

Birge says since WTVW has the televised rights for the game, NNDC will NOT air the game on its cable channel 183, nor will it replay the game on NNDC-TV.  WTVW will replay the game Saturday evening at 8PM (Dubois County time).

“As part of our agreement with WTVW, our cable channel 183 will be “black” during the time of the game,” says Birge.

Also, as part of our expanding schedule of local high school sports, NNDC & NNDC-TV will televise LIVE the Southridge at Heritage Hills Class 3A sectional game Next Friday, October 31st.  NNDC & NNDC-TV will continue to televise football tournament games as long as local teams remain.

Birge also says NNDC & NNDC-TV has been working on what he calls an “uplink” issue that hindered NNDC’s September 30th telecast of the Heritage Hills at Southridge football telecast.

“I think we have resolved that issue,” Birge said Monday.  “We have entered into an agreement with a new communications company that I’ve been very impressed with to make sure our remote uplink works as its supposed to.”

Birge continued, “It has been aggravating that we were able to air a network quality telecast from Indianapolis, but sometimes can’t get the signal to carry over a local school parking lot.”

Birge says tonight’s volleyball telecast from SHS will also be a test of the company’s new uplink capabilities.  “We’re going to be working to make sure it does what it’s supposed to do all day Tuesday.

“We had hoped to televise some of the soccer sectional games last week, but the new uplink was not available,” Birge says.

Birge also says NNDC & NNDC-TV also plans to telecast selected games from next week’s IHSAA volleyball sectionals.  Local teams are playing at both Jasper, Forest Park and Springs Valley high schools.  The telecast schedule will be announced later this week.

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