DC Commununty Foundation Announces Investment In Proposed Jasper Cultural Center

Proposed Jasper Cultural Center

Proposed Jasper Cultural Center

Jasper (Local Sources) – The Dubois County Community Foundation Tuesday morning announced a $75,000 grant for the Jasper Cultural Center today.  DCCF officials say the grant will be directed to the Jasper Public Library Endowment.

“Many have asked the question, ‘How will we pay for this project once it is built?’  It is an important question we feel needs to be answered, and one that falls within our core business; you build sustainability now,” said Clayton Boyles, Community Foundation Executive Director.


Building sustainability and long-term viability for organizations and projects is the Foundation’s mission, and therefore, 100% of the grant will be directed to an endowment.

“We are grateful for this generous contribution that will only increase our funding for future operations and programming to benefit our citizens and visitors,” said Dean Vonderheide, Jasper Public Library Board president. “The collaborative approach displayed by the Jasper Public Library, Jasper Community Arts, the City of Jasper, and Dubois County Community Foundation, is what makes this project unique and exciting,” Vonderheide said.

The grant will be added to an existing endowment held by Dubois County Community Foundation.

“This endowment will help us minimize property taxes in the future by allocating sustainable resources for the library,” Vonderheide said.

The library endowment will join a variety of endowments held by the Community Foundation for projects across the county, such as The Parklands, the Astra Theatre and Huntingburg Stellar Community.

This grant is the second largest in the organization’s history, second only to a grant made in 2014 to the Next Act, for the Astra Theatre.

“This is an exciting but also pivotal time in our community,” Boyles said.  “The momentum is strong and the time is now to move this project forward,” he said.

“We believe the Cultural Center is a visionary project that will enhance the quality of life in Jasper and Dubois County for many generations and we want to get behind that. We hope you will, too,” he said.

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