Damage Limited At Grain Bin Fire North Of Crossroads

Dubois Crossroads (NNDC) – Fire damaged a grain bin dryer early Tuesday afternoon north of the Dubois Crossroads.

Dubois Volunteer Fire Department Spokesman Zach Eichmiller says DVFD firefighters responded to the fire at the Kevin Kalb farm off Hickory Grove Road and quickly extinguished the fire and contained it to the grain dryer.

Eichmiller says the dryer appears to have extensive internal damage and will most likely be considered a total loss.

bois firefighters responded to a reported grain bin fire at the Kevin Kalb farm located on Hickory Grove Road today at 12:45 p.m.

Eichmiller says DVFD was called to the Kalb farm at about 12:45PM Tuesday after smoke was spotted by a nearby farmer coming from the grain dryer.

Eichmiller says Blake Kalb quickly shut off propane he says was likely feeding the fire inside the dryer.

Eichmiller says the cause of the fire is undetermined however it is thought that the grain stopped flowing through the dryer creating a hotspot where what is called a burner is located.  Eichmiller says the dryer was observed operating about an hour before the fire was reported.

Eichmiller says the dryer was insured and an insurance agent was already on scene Tuesday afternoon.


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