Technical Issues Hinder LIVE Telecast

bicentennial pixIreland (NNDC) – NewsNow Dubois County Executive Producer Mick Birge says a malfunctioning uplink from Ireland was the cause for today’s (Sunday) interrupted LIVE telecast of the Ireland Bicentennial Parade on NewsNow Dubois County and its new cable TV channel, NNDC-TV 183.

“We were hoping for a second consecutive “perfect” telecast technically this afternoon but that did not happen,” said Birge.

Birge said the public’s response to the overall quality of the recent Jasper Strassenfest Parade was “wonderful.”  Birge said the company was hoping for a repeat performance Sunday.  “There was no reason why today should have happend!” Birge continued.

Birge continued, “Our uplink provider tells us the heat of the afternoon was the main culprit.”

Birge says the uplink, however, was not in the direct sunlight during the height of the parade which began at 1PM Sunday.  It was covered by our crew onsite which did a great job trying to do what they could.  Birge said he even made two trips from NNDC’s downtown office to Ireland trying to do what he could.

“I thought it might have been something we did in our setup prior to the parade, but that was not the case,” Birge explained.

“From what I can gather, our transmission signal weakened unexpectedly during the parade; something that should not have happened,” Birge said.

“The uplink is a “dedicated” signal that is assigned for just that camera.  We’ve spent a lot of money making sure that no one can ‘jump’ onto our signal.”

Birge says any wireless phone can ‘see’ the link when it searches for Wi-Fi signals and providers, but the uplink only allows permitted devices to use its signal… and the only devices are our cameras,” Birge continued.

“I have been in contact with the technical people of our provider in New York, Mick said.  “They are well aware of our dissatisfaction.”

Birge also said NNDC has many LIVE telecasts scheduled in the coming weeks, including the premier of local high school football.

“Obviously, we don’t want a repeat of today!”  Birge closed by saying, “We’ve come too far in our development of our LIVE telecasts, and our new cable TV channel, that I will do whatever needs to be done; and our company will do what needs to be done to make sure our LIVE telecasts are of the quality we demand.”

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