Parkland Development Plan Give To Jasper City Council

PowerPoint PresentationJasper (NNDC) – A more detailed idea of what a developed “Parklands” city park has been presented to the Jasper City Council.

Included in the design is a two-mile walking trail around the perimeter of the park that was once the Jasper Country Club until is closed a couple years ago and was bought by the city.

Plans also include a parking area just off 15th Street for more than 100 vehicles.

City officials hope to begin the bidding process by October 12th with the target of beginning construction in the Spring of 2017.

The development plan was presented to the council by Rundell Ernstberger Associates of Indianapolis and Hafer PSC of Owensboro.  (CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON THE PARKLANDS PLANS)

Initial estimates for the planned construction is about $5.6 million including $4 million from the city.

The Parklands will be managed by the city’s Parks & Recreation Department.

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