2016 Dubois County Leadership Academy Graduation

dc leadership academy

Back row (L-R)- Bobbi Woebkenberg, Neil Weyer, Clyde Harper, Mark Csernik, Kyle Obermeier, Haley Rosenkranz, Colin Leinenbach Front row (L-R)- Stephanie Rawlins, Lisa Bower, Kitty Merkley, Jordan Kleinhelter, Ryan Heim

By Chris Jame / Town of Ferdinand 


Jasper – The 2016 Dubois County Leadership Academy concluded its sixth annual session with a graduation ceremony Thursday evening in the CTIM Building on the campus of Vincennes University Jasper.

Two teams, consisting of six members each, presented a detailed breakdown of their Capstone Projects to an audience of their peers, sponsors and DCLA board members.

The graduation serves as the final of the six session class schedule, with gatherings divided equally between the supporting communities of Ferdinand, Jasper and Huntingburg.

The Rack Stars team, consisting of Jordan Kleinhelter, Colin Leinenbach, Ryan Heim, Kyle Obermeier, Haley Rosenkranz and Kitty Merkley, provided an in-depth look into their project, which involves the creation and installation of customized bicycle racks, molded in the shape of the first letter of the participating communities, at various parks in Jasper, Huntingburg and Ferdinand.

Team members went through the process of implementing their idea from concept & design of the racks to completion of a working model, meeting with the various park boards for permission and potential rack locations, as well as working on the necessary funding to finalize the project.

Lisa Bower (L) with Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz at last night's DCLA graduation

Lisa Bower (L) with Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz at last night’s DCLA graduation

Team Trail Blazers, made up of Stephanie Rawlins, Bobbi Woebkenberg, Mark Csernik, Neil Weyer, Lisa Bower and Clyde Harper, highlighted the process they went through for their project, the creation and extension of a .27 mile section of walking trail along the northwest corner of the VUJ Campus.

During their presentation, the team described the brainstorming process needed to find an idea everyone was on board with, as well as some logistical and equipment issues during the initial work session and touching on the benefits of connecting this section with the existing trail system.

Their powerpoint then showed several photos of the path from its beginning point to almost completion, with one more work session to be scheduled to finish it off.

Following the Capstone Projects, board members presented graduates with engraved crystal awards to acknowledge their hard work and participation in the Academy.

Many thanks to Dr. Chris Gray, Dean of the VUJ Campus, for serving as keynote speaker, with an impressive, multi-technology presentation that tied together principles of leadership with his own personal story and the path has taken to this point in his life and career, and for allowing the use of the auditorium in the CTIM Building to host the graduation ceremony.

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