Cable TV Update (Tuesday, August 9th)

NNDC TV LOGO TV SETJasper (From Mick Birge/Executive Producer) – After an incredibly “busy” week, we have our new cable TV channel on the air and most of the “bugs” worked out!

Unfortunately, the delay in getting the channel launched, which was by almost four weeks, forced us to have to do more “testing-on-the-fly” than we wanted being the launch was right in front of the busiest week locally (the Strassenfest).

But, after a handful of ‘logistical’ issues, like no sound Thursday and Saturday night, we were successful in a televising LIVE Sunday’s Parade on both our new cable TV channel (Time-Warner 183) and our online WebChannel ( We consider the week a major success!

Now, yesterday and today, our engineers are doing some fine-tuning to our studio and master control at NNDC.  They are almost completely finished;  hopefully they will be by the end of the day today.  To this, we are going to be repeating the telecast of the parade on NNDC-TV 183.  Our regular news/sports/information programming will return early on Wednesday.

In the meantime, you can get up-to-date news/sports/information on our WebChannel (  Thank you!

Mick Birge

NewsNow Dubois County Executive Producer

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