Live From Strassenfest & Cable TV Update (VIDEO

Jasper (NNDC) – Below is a portion of our LIVE from The Strassenfest telecast from Friday night.  Ashlyn & Jerry talk with Gary Schnell, the long-time entertainment chairman for the Strassenfest.   They take a moment and talk with “Fritz!”

As you will notice, we are having some very noticeable interruptions in our LIVE reports.   We are working with some new hardware as well as new software and it is not performing as well as we had hoped.

Because of the delay in launching our channel until late last week, we were not able to test our LIVE remote equipment as we had hoped before the Strassenfest.

We are going to continue working on this through the weekend, so we will televise “LIVE from The Strassenfest” tonight (Saturday) beginning at 6pm on our webchannel only (  Simply click on the red “NNDC-TV/Live Events button.  We will also provide a direct link on our Facebook page.

This will also be the case for the parade on Sunday as we will televise it in its entirety beginning at 1pm.

Thank you for your patience as we work through this new and still developing technology.  My tech crews say we’re about “two feet from the finish” in regards to it working as it should!  So hopefully, we will continue to see progress as we proceed through the weekend!

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