Jasper featured on Statewide PBS Indiana Bicentennial TV Series

photoJasper (Local Sources) – Indiana public television affiliates are currently airing a series of broadcasts on the state’s 200th birthday called “Hoosiers – The Story of Indiana”. The series is comprised of three episodes about Indiana’s past and one featuring the future of the state.

Hoosiers: The Story of Indiana explores Indiana’s 200-year history through the descendants of ordinary Hoosiers who lived through extraordinary times, while helping to shape the fabric of our state. Based on the definitive history of Indiana, Hoosiers: A New History of Indiana, by James Madison, this four-part series dives into Indiana’s most pivotal moments. Along the way, we discover the lesser-known details of our Hoosier story, and we see how the past, present and future intersect to reveal the Indiana yet to come. Producer Eric Halvorson and a crew recorded the Jasper segment this past winter.

Locally, the program featuring Jasper will be on WNIN-TV 9 out of Evansville this Thursday evening at 10:00PM (EDT)/9:00PM CDT.

For a preview, http://www.wfyi.org/programs/hoosiers

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